Why Use A Virtual Church Bookkeeping Service?

If you currently manage your church's accounting yourself, then you should think about hiring a professional bookkeeper. As well as giving you more time to follow your calling, outsourcing this job also benefits your church. 

However, you don't need to hire someone to come into your church and do this job. You can also use virtual church bookkeeping services. What are the benefits of taking this route?

Find Bookkeepers With the Right Experience

You might find it hard to hire a local bookkeeper to take on your church's accounts. You might not need a full-time hire, and there might not be many suitable candidates willing to take on part-time work.

Ideally, you want someone who already has experience in managing church finances. This experience isn't always easy to find. You might have to hire someone who has to learn about church accounts on the job.

If you hire a virtual service, then things get a lot easier. The individual or company you work with doesn't have to be local. They won't be based in your church but can work from anywhere.

Plus, virtual church bookkeepers work on many different accounts, so they won't see part-time work as a negative. You'll simply slot into their portfolio of clients. As your church grows, the service can grow with you.

They'll also have plenty of experience working on church accounts. This experience is invaluable. While you need qualified bookkeeping expertise, sector-specific experience is also a good thing to have.

Get Your Finances on the Right Track

If you've managed your own accounts so far or have relied on help from volunteers in your congregation, then your financial management might not be as effective or as up-to-date as it could be. While your accounts balance out, self-management isn't always the right solution.

If you use a virtual service with experience in managing church accounts, then your financial situation should improve. An expert bookkeeper won't just make sure that your accounts are reconciled and up-to-date, they can also help you manage your finances more effectively.

For example, they will know how to leverage tax rules to your financial benefit. They can manage payroll and spending. They can bring together all your systems into one simpler software package. You won't have to pay for this software.

Plus, you can add external controls and checks to your finances. Because you use an independent third party to run your financial system, they can create reports and budgets for you and your board that ensure that your finances are transparent.

To find out more, contact a virtual church financial bookkeeping service, such as Dennison's CPA, PC.