When Bail Breaks Your Budget: What To Do If You Cannot Afford To Pay Bail

After an arrest, the judge will set bail for the arrested individual. The goal of bail is to make sure that the accused appears in court to face the charges. If you do not have the money to cover bail for a friend or loved one, you need to understand your options. 1. See If a Bail Reduction is Possible As mentioned earlier, bail is intended to act as security that the accursed does not skip court. [Read More]

Four Ways To Get A Better Mortgage Rate

Did you apply for a mortgage, only to be offered a rate that's a lot higher than what you expected? If you don't want to pay thousands more over the life of your loan, it's a good idea to make a few changes that will result in you being offered a better rate. Here are four approaches to try: Apply at a different bank. If you're in a hurry to buy and can't afford to wait a few months, try just applying for a mortgage at a different bank to see what rate they offer you. [Read More]

Five Things You Should Know About Asset-Based Business Valuation

Getting an accurate value for a business is an important step in selling the business. There are numerous different methods of evaluating a business, but asset-based valuation is one of the most common, basic, and widely accepted methods. If you intend to sell your business, you should be aware of the following five things about asset-based valuation: The asset-based valuation method involves breaking a company down into small parts and comparing assets to liabilities. [Read More]

Fear Going To Jail? 3 Things To Know About Handling Yourself Behind Bars

No one wants to go to jail. Yet, even the most law-abiding citizen could find themselves on the wrong side of the law since all it takes is failing to pay a forgotten ticket to end up with a warrant. Unfortunately, being unaware of how to handle yourself in jail can add up to serious trouble if you lose your self-control or admit fault where a law enforcement officer can hear it. [Read More]