Securing An Online Bail Bond

Finding out that a friend or family member has been arrested can be alarming, especially if you and your loved one live in different cities or states.

You might not think that you can help your loved one from such a great distance. Thanks to the prevalence of the Internet, many bail bond companies offer online applications designed to allow for the securing of a bail bond from anywhere in the country.

Find a reputable bail bond company.

The first step in securing an online bail bond is to locate a reputable bail bond company. Since you won't be able to meet with the bail bondsman face to face, you want to know that you are doing business with a reliable and trustworthy company.

Start by checking with the licensing division in the state where your friend or family member was arrested. All bail bondsman must be licensed through the state in which they are working, so the licensing division can provide you with a list of bail bond companies with licenses in good standing.

Complete the online application and phone interview.

Once you have located a bail bond company that meets your criteria, you can fill out an online application requesting bail bond services. These applications are received by the bail bond company immediately.

Since bail bonds are time sensitive products, you will be given a follow-up call by an employee from the bail bond company shortly after submitting your online application. The phone interview provides the bail bond company with additional information needed to process your request for bail bond services.

Electronically sign contracts and provide additional documentation.

Following the phone interview, you will receive contracts sent to your email address. These contracts are legally binding, so read through them carefully to ensure the information matches that discussed during your phone interview. If the contracts are acceptable, sign them electronically and email them back to the bail bond company.

You may also need to require additional documentation to verify your identify. Typically a photograph of the front and back of your driver's license will be sufficient, but be sure to ask the bail bond company you are working with if you need to provide any other documents to complete the bonding process.

The opportunity to secure a bail bond online can be useful for those who want to help a distant relative or friend get out of jail following an arrest. Become familiar with the process so that you can utilize online bail bonds more effectively in the future. Find out more information about bail bonds here.